Artist in residence in Chelva, Valencia.

Studio / loft
Studio / loft

Centuries old house in Spain

Artist in Residence studio. We live in the village of Chelva about 75 kilometers from the provincial capital Valencia. The art studio/residence is situated next to our house, in the late medieval Moorish quarter “Arrabal”. It was purchased in 2013 and in 2015 the renovation was completed. While many old details have been lovingly restored, the house has been renovated to offer all the necessary comforts:

  • well-lit studio
  • perfect kitchen
  • excellent bathroom
  • comfortable new beds
  • convenient heating with pellet stoves
  • WIFI connection

Rental conditions and price

See the artist in residence house.

art studio Spain
Studio / loft

The renovation was discussed in this article.

The house has 3/4 levels.

  •  ground floor: bathroom
  •  1 st mezzanine: reading room
  •  1st floor: kitchen
  •  2 nd. mezzanine: bedroom,  double bed
  •  3 rd.floor: Studio loft, sofa bed (double)

The house has a free wifi connection.

Recently we purchased the orchard beside the house (1000m2) and is free for use by the tenants. Soon the private terrace is ready. The orchard counts among others, two orange trees, a tangerine tree, a persimmon tree and a pomegranate tree, whose usufruct is also for the renter

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1. The artist in residence house.

2. Our house.

3. The orchard.


Who are we?

Helma & Ben


Helma Vanrens en Ben Lustenhouwer.

More than 25 years ago, we moved from the Netherlands to Spain. First to Valencia and later to Chelva where we both have our studio at home.
Helma is a sculptress and Ben is a portrait painter.

See Helma´s website.

See Ben´s website.


Rental contions and price.



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One thought on “Artist in residence in Chelva, Valencia.

  1. If you are looking for a place with no distractions, conductive to further your artistic projects, then this Art Studio is an answer. I have spent productive two weeks there in February 2020.

    Ben and Helma are charming hosts. Art Studio is located in all pedestrian and peaceful neighborhood. It is a fully renovated house with all which is needed. Next door garden is available. Fresh and local shopping is reachable by foot. Multiple hiking trails, to take walks in nature and olives fields, leave from Chelva.
    Please note, that the only “noise” made is by birds.

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